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Bank of America is screwing the average American... well actually they are screwing everyone!

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May 2 '12

Come On Bank of America!

Well, Calvin called last night with what he said was “great news”. They should be done with my paperwork tomorrow! YAY! Wait, wouldnt that put us at the 72 hour mark and not the 48? Yes, it sure would but Bank of America doesnt seem to mind giving out wrong information anyway.

Calvin said he has been working on my case ALL day, I find this very hard to believe. I mean, how long does it really take to push some paper around that has been there for going on 8 months now? It should be a simple answer! “Hey we messed up, let me fix that for you”. The customer is always right, right? Well if you are dealing with Bank of America, that is completely wrong! Customers are never right, in fact most of the time we are the ones in the wrong according to Bank of America.

Enough with the pulling me along “we should be done with paperwork by tomorrow” crap that comes out of any Bank of America rep’s mouths! I will believe it when I see it. Calvin did say I will be very happy with the outcome though. Thats reassuring right? I did let him know that the only way I would be happy is if the outcome was one of the two options I have already given Bank of America. So, I guess I will let everyone know the outcome when Calvin calls today… or maybe tomorrow… or next week….